Pine Cone Resort Welcome


As members of the Pine Cone Resort Staff,

  We welcome your arrival, on the Owner's behalf.


We're hoping your stay will be restful and fun,

  So for future visits, our Resort will be your one.


Enjoy our private hot tub that's open year-round,

 Plus solar heated pool with murals surround.


In the summer we have many things for you,

 To amuse and play along with your family too.


Volleyball, badminton and basketball are fun for groups,

  For young and adult kids we even have hula hoops.


Couples can play horseshoes, croquet, darts,

  ping-pong, frisbee, and a card game of Hearts.


We also offer free use of our mountain bikes,

   kayak, and canoe if you'd prefer to pass on hikes.


On special nights, you can light up the gas fire pit,

   For you to roast Smores, sing and just sit.


Take in Pines, sunset and starry night views with guests,

  Or use our Karaoke machine, upon special requests.


We offer a handful of gas BBQ's for your culinary needs,

  Along with picnic tables for outside yummy feeds.


The newest addition to our colorful pallet of fun,

   Is a large movie screen, on our lawn for everyone.


On Friday Guest Welcome Parties we may show,

  A DVD "The History of (our beloved) Lake Tahoe."


In the winter our bobsled Snow Slide is a thrilling treat,

  For all ages who wish to be quick off their feet.


For welcomed 4-legged canine members of your family,

   There are so many trees, trails and so little time to dally.


Let us know, or at least give us a small hint,

  If you are planning to celebrate some special event.


We'll do our best to make that day memorable for you,

  In a way that only the Pine Cone Resort can do.


If any two in your party are wishing to wed,

  We have a cozy forrest altar with big trees overhead.


Our picturesque charming venue seats 220 before filling,

  With a special events planner, who's ready, able and willing.


After all your out door adventure doings and running about,

  Our nifty hot tub and laundry gets your kinks and spots out.


If you seek #1-ranked Zephyr Cove venue,

  The Pine Cone Resort is always here for you!


Our caring, friendly and helpful Resort staff is happy to serve,

  Any need you may have or item you want to reserve.


Give us a call or text if there's ANYTHING you need,

   Or with your improvement suggestions we're happy to heed.


Texting, Tweeting, YouTubing and mobile apps work too,

    We aspire to be a high-tech, hip and savvy social bunch too.


Enjoy your stay with us today and always,

  May you carry those fond memories the rest of your days.


With smiles and good cheer,

  Your Every Ready Pine Cone Resort Staff are here.


By Linda J. Rhoades

Long-time Repeat Guest (with her family) &

Part-time Pine Cone Resort Concierge

September 2013 Copyright Pending



The Pine Cone Resort

 601 Highway 50

PO Box 800

 Zephyr Cove, NV 89448

(855) 833-7252

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